Guernsey’s Leading Lady Leads the way for the NatWest International Island Games

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The clocks are ticking for Guernsey’s hosting of the NatWest International Island Games. The event runs from the 8th to 14th July 2023 and planning is in full flow.

The home nation squad has been announced and leading the way is Guernsey’s leading lady Alison Merrien MBE who alongside her Husband Ian Merrien are going into battle in the open singles. Alison has won the Guernsey Ladies Singles title no fewer than 20 times and with her many World and International achievements will be a formidable opponent for any player in the Open Singles. But Husband Ian is no slouch in the International achievements and experience department having represented Guernsey at British Isles and Commonwealth Games as well as World events.

The open pairs see experience in representatives Shirley Petit, who has top quality British Isles experience, winning the pairs, triples and the fours titles, teaming up with Rose Ogier who has picked up Gold at the European Championships as well as Atlantic rim. When asked how she felt about representing Guernsey at the games Shirley replied, “It’s always an honour and privilege to be able to represent Guernsey and I’m really looking forward to the challenge in this year’s home island games.”

Alongside them to try and win some bling in the open pairs are Young guns, Bradley Le Noury and Josh Bonsall. Josh is the Indoor Bowls Sport Co-ordinatior for the games as well as holder of many Guernsey titles and great International experience of the bigger events. When asked how he would cope playing under the pressure of also organising the event Josh said, “I have a great team of volunteers around me and am fully supported by the Guernsey Island Games Association. It’ll be a busy couple of months in the run up to the games, balancing a training schedule and final organising but I’m confident that we’ve planned and prepared as best we can for the return of Indoor Bowls to the Island Games.”

Finally the open triples and the British isles trio of Alison Merrien MBE and Shirley Petit team back up with Catherine Snell, who has fantastic experience on the World stage at both senior and Under 25 events. And the other trio representing Guernsey in the Open Triples to the rinks is Steve Le Noury, Michael Le Noury and Dave King, all experienced British Isles players, making up the very strong home challenge.

The format for the games is quite simple. It is planned to have 2 groups for each discipline with the winners of each group contesting the Gold and Silver positions and the group runners up receiving Bronze medals. Singles play will be 4 bowls and first one to 21 shots or 2.5 hour time limit. The pairs will also be four bowl with 21 ends or 2.5 hours being played and the triples will be three bowls and 18 ends or 2.5 hours.

There will be a live streaming programme for the Indoor Bowls games during the event and links will be provided for you to watch nearer the time. So look out on our social media and events channels for the links and sit back and enjoy full commentary and some exciting bowls.

The Indoor Bowls will be part of the games website and you can find full information there at, the results will also appear on this site during the Games along with details of the live updates service. Updates will also be issued on the games social media pages (search Guernsey2023).

Who will take home the Gold medals? Or can Guernsey squad dominate and keep the Gold, Silver and Bronze wear at home. Tune in and follow this exciting event.

Janice Gower

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