The Guernsey Bowls Stadium stands on the site of an old warehouse and concrete works.
In 1984, four rinks were laid by members of the Guernsey Indoor Bowling Association, and five years later the rinks were re-laid with a new floor and bowling surface and the building was totally refurbished.
During this time the popularity of bowls in Guernsey had grown considerably, and in 1988 a six-rink extension was built, which included a first floor viewing gallery and a bowls shop. Today, the stadium has six rinks and is part of a much larger ‘Hougue Du Pommier’ building complex. Part of the stadium containing the four original rinks has since become the Guernsey Table Tennis Association Centre and since 2009 the Indoor Cricket Guernsey Stadium was formed next to us. The stadium has hosted international events and test matches, and players from the association have competed and excelled at national and world level.



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